I’m sure everyone has heard of this Internet phenomenon that is called

Yes, there’s even Youtube is every other country. It’s like they were trying to recruit a cult or something.

For those living under a rock, Youtube is video sharing site where users can upload their videos to share to the world. What started off as a simple concept is now bought by Google themselves. With such a potential for high user traffic, Google has successfully manipulated Youtube to generate high returns for itself. Talk about an investment with high yield.

Fact: Youtube was bought in November 2006 by Google forĀ US$1.65 billion.

To summarise how powerful Youtube is, here’s a picture, which speaks probably more than a thousand words:


As you can see, Youtube is another powerful form of social media. Just by uploading videos, Youtube has created a stream of constant traffic combined with word of mouth marketing from the users themselves.

Youtube has, however, encountered violent opposition from a very recent competitor, which is none other than Facebook. Facebook provides the same profiling and video uploading services and more, putting Youtube slightly out of the limelight in the last few years. However, Youtube has been giving Facebook a run for its credits by constant reinnovating and rewarding top uploaders with cash.

A representation of the fight against Google (which owns Youtube) and Facebook. Except those behind should be fat nerds. In glasses. Eating Cheetos.

So why Youtube? Why am I sharing this on the RatPack blog, which is geared towards financial freedom?

To start off, here’s a representation of the top earners in Youtube to date.


As you can see, Youtube can appear as an investment of your time and money for a good amount of income per year. Here are some reasons for doing so:

1. It is PASSIVE. Video viewership is totally passive and there is hardly a need to promote past videos (if they’re good).

2. Fame material. Who doesn’t love to dwell in a bit of fame? Being a Youtube celebrity is highly regarded now in the world, compared to TV and movie celebrities.

3. Hobby. If making videos is something that interests you, then all the more this is something for you. Who doesn’t like to do something that you enjoy doing? AND making money?

So here’s another food for thought to your everyday entrepreneurial spirit. Youtube, one of the greatest global phenomenon. Are you going to capitalize on it?

Peace out,

Theodoric, Ratpack Group.