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Oxymorons. (Quoted from Unfair Advantage by Robert K.)

The definition of oxymoron is ‘Words that contradict each other’. Examples are jumbo shrimp, government service, painless dentist and holy war.

In the world of money, there are a few oxymorons.

1. Job Security

2. Saving Money

3. Safe Investments

4. Fair Share

5. Mutual Fund

6. Diversified Portfolio

7. Debt-free


This post will first describe ‘Job Security’

‘Ironically, due to the current economic crisis and technology, many of my classmates who went on to college are the ones in financial trouble. One of the smartest girls in my school, a graduate from an elite college in New England, is now unemployed and lives in the woods of rural Hawaii, waiting to be old enough to collect Social Security and Medicare (USA’s equivalent of CPF)

Jobs will continue to be lost because American workers are paid 40 times more than the lowest-wage workers in the world. This means that jobs are not coming back. Even China, a once low-wage country, is in trouble because Chinese workers want higher wages. As Chinese workers earn more, jobs migrate to lower wage countries like Philippines, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, and Indonesia.

Those with job security will pay more and more in taxes. With growing national debt, governments will be raising taxes. The quadrants with the least wiggle room in minimizing taxes are employees.’

And this is why Job Security is an oxymoron. 

Ideas to Promote Entrepreneurship on College Campuses

Singaporean Universitities should have more of these schemes. Entrepreneurship is, after all, a key driving force of Singapore’s economy.

David Cummings on Startups

Earlier this year I had a chance to give a talk at the Duke Startup Challenge, Duke’s annual $50,000 startup competition. As part of the program, I talked with several students to learn about entrepreneurial initiatives on Duke’s campus. Locally, I’ve been thinking about Georgia Tech and how to get more startup activity on campus (albeit I don’t have a good feel for Georgia Tech since I never attended but I do it as a big opportunity for Atlanta).

Here are some ideas to promote entrepreneurship on college campuses:

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With our networking event coming up, it’s only fair to introduce the term ‘Networking’ to the community. We’re also taking this chance to -ahem- advertise for the upcoming event on 17 Aug Saturday afternoon.

What is networking?

Short answer:

Business networking is a socio-economic activity by which groups of like-minded businesspeople recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities.

-Quoted Wikipedia (

Long Answer:

Networking is what differentiates successful people with non-successful people. It is what gives us the connections to find the right opportunities at the right time.



By networking, people will be able to create business and learning opportunities that can benefit themselves and also benefit the people they network with.

Can I network?

Short answer:


Long answer:

Networking is applicable to the young and old, the introvert and the extrovert. There is nobody who can’t network. As long as you can say (or imply), ‘Hi my name is …, you are?’ you can easily start the process of networking for yourself.

Why do you network?

Short answer:

To be rich.

Long answer:

As mentioned, networking is about creating additional business and learning opportunities. You may find the right person to introduce that dream job of yours, or you may find that person who has the exact mindset to be your business partner. You’d never know. But networking increases the chances of that happening. That’s the magic of it.

How do I network?

Short answer:

Ask ‘How do you do?’

Long answer:

Don’t be shy when it comes to networking. Everybody knows the main purpose of networking, and that’s to know more people. Of course sometimes things may not turn out right, and people may ignore your calls or SMS-es. But don’t be disheartened. That’s just the learning process. Start off with friends, and then their acquaintances, then finally mobing on to strangers. You’d never know who you’d meet along the way.

When do I network?

Short answer:


Long answer:

There’s no restrictions in networking. You can network in your home, your work place, in a club, etc. There’s no limitations.


Which brings me back to my point: Do come down to our networking event on 17 Aug! It’d be held at 2pm at Toh Drive (near Changi Prison), There’ll be food, drinks and plenty of activities for everyone. Don’t hesitate to contact me if anything, and I hope you will also invite your friends to the event as well. Hope to see you there on the 17th!



It’s always good to form networks with people. Until you form one with a ninja. Then everything just got pretty real.