Your Ratpack Motivation!

Hey fellow Ratpackers! So sorry for the very delayed post! Was REALLY busy with university and all, and I really really wanted to find time to post.

i just finished a 3 THOUSAND word report in like, 5 minutes go (not easy I tell ya)


But more often than not we always see things going against how we really want it to. Plenty a times things take a turn for the worst, and we will feel like giving up.

It’s finals for most of us, and we’re even in the midst of O and A levels. 

Don’t give up, no matter how hard it is. You give up now, you’ll be in a world of quitters. It’s not a nice place to be in. Always believe in yourself. People laugh at you, you laugh at them for not seeing things you see them.

Here’s some of the pictures I look to. It isn’t much, but pictures and worth a thousand words, and boy are these powerful.




Have a good week people! And always remember:Success is not predetermined. It’s how hard you work for it.


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