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Information for members such as user instructions, meetups and announcements.


In case you guys are wondering, this is how to use the categories sidebar for the blog. Right now there are 4 main categories

  • Education
  • Miscellaneous
  • Opinions
  • Admin Information

Education is our main content for the blog, where we have plenty of information for our users on earning that passive income for your financial freedom. Most of the content is based off other sources, and we do our best not to inject personal opinions in this section so as not to tarnish the factual information in this section. This section is divided into a few portions. namely Business Leverages, Facts and Money.

Business Leverages are tools/ways/methods you can use to achieve your financial freedom. You do not have to restrict yourself directly to the trading stocks/real estate investment/entrepreneurship route most people take. In this age where technology and social media networking exists, there are plenty of other ways to set up businesses and garner a wide variety of audiences. This section will educate you on all the leverages you can make use of.

Facts are simply facts you should know. Financial education isn’t complete without knowing why you’re trying to earn a passive income. This section will seek to inform and educate about the world today.

Money is simply facts about the money you have, how much you earn, and what you should know about the money in your pocket. You’d be surprised to know that money isn’t actually money, but rather a fake standard that everyone seemingly worships. More will be presented in this section.

The other category is Miscellaneous where miscellaneous information will be posted about the group, and about the financial world.

Opinions are strictly opinions of the writers in the group. You could say that it’s non-professional and shouldn’t be taken seriously, or you can look at it as a general public opinion of a 21 year old and seek to take advantage of that. The choice is yours.

Admin Information will be administration information about the group. It will teach you on how to navigate the blog and group, such as this post. There will also be meetups which will be posted in this category.


I do hope this post makes reading this blog a whole lot easier for everyone.




The Main Website

So this is how the main website will look like


To go over a few parts, there will be

The Home Page

Where the main introduction will be placed together with a link to the blog and a list of different projects and seminars that are recommended to attend, as well as a forum for the members.


Here there will be a link to blogs created by our very own team members. It’s also a good way of learning more from different people with different viewpoints.


Here you can send an email to any of our admins. We strongly believe in a 2 way communication.

our blog as of now is

As for now we’re using a free domain, at least until everything is settled and we’re willing to spend money on a domain itself.

Do keep a lookout for updates!

Peace out!

Creation of RAT PACK Club

Hello world!

Welcome to the first official post of this Rat Pack Blog!

For those who are wondering what does ‘Rat Pack’ mean, it simply means to ‘Retire at 20s’. This club is a community of people who see the joy and importance of retiring early and retiring rich. As such, this club will present members plenty of opportunities, insight and real-life experience in working towards obtaining a passive income that is sufficient in supporting themselves and hopefully their families.

The main website is still undergoing construction and it should be pinned up in the Facebook wall, or the top of this website.

Do join in the fun! There’s absolutely no cost in joining and there will never be one. It’s simply a community of like-minded individuals with a common goal: Financial Freedom. Keep an open mind, and get ready to interact with many different people from all walks of life.

More details about the website, and each part of it will be given soon. So do stay tuned!